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Oct. 7th, 2009


Belgian TV cook tries to speak English


Mar. 27th, 2009



My first batch of comics arrived today.  Ten times cheaper than these local rip-off shops.  It's nice to finally have some of these at home again to read now and then.  Now I realize how much I've missed this. 
Still working on the chocolate stuff, which is more and more becoming an obsesion to get the exact right dose of caramel and chocolate stuffings in the bonbons :).  It's wonderful to just be busy without having to travel by car, commute.  I totally hated that.
Sooner or later this will end I'm sure, but I'm enjoying myself for now.
A1 is very busy at the moment but we're still managing to see each other whenever possible, which is a good thing also. 

Mar. 22nd, 2009


BSG final... (or isn't it?)

I was dissapointed with the final of BSG.  The writers clearly had big issues with letting this series go on for another season. 


The main thing is that the whole concept of the cylon - human war, the so-called cycle was first forced to go on, then they tried to break it.  With the 'angels' guiding them towards it.  Too many religious references for one show if you ask me.  The pigeon, the three holy spirit-like figures (Starbuck, Caprica 6 and Baltar), it's all a nice trick to hide the fact that this series has no real ending.
Despite the nice special effects, the build-up towards this final was too long, too big and too complex to be even enjoyable. 
One nice thing was the Chief going nuts about finally fining out how his wife Kelly really got killed; a very good plot twist, well done. This triggered what normally should have been the end of it all. 
Still, I never imagined this series ending in a green field of gras on earth, the series began dark and wildly realistic but ended like usually in Hollywood: green gras, the heroes walking away to the sun. 
They should have stopped somwhere mid season 2 to 3

Mar. 11th, 2009



This movie rocked so hard, I was actually yelling and cheering in the theater (while some cell-phone-sluts who clealy had no clue ware staring at me like I was Dr. Manhattan himself).
Go see the movie! It's great!

"What happened to the American Dream?"   ´:)

Feb. 26th, 2009



The past three weeks I've been busy with my own 'projects'.  Every time someone is out of job or totally lost on what the heck to do with their lives the word 'project' comes up.  In my case these projects limit my every day waking hours, although I'm still in need of more sleep than I'm used to, it's beginning to become normal again.  Three out of 5 days I'm in my own rhythm now which is an improvement.

First of all I'm busy with setting up my own chocolate-atelier.  After spending some money on machines and material I'm now in the final stage.
The table stone (or whatever you call a granite plaque to work on) is ready today... we'll place it this afternoon. After which the atelier is completely operational.  Which means I can melt chocolate, make pralines and such.  Finally my dad's old handwritten books (he was a chocolatier) come in handy.  I realize there is still a long road ahead of making really delicious things, but with the know-how from my mom and myself we'll get pretty far by the summer I think.  I can't wait to post some pictures of our creations :)  Working with chocolate is one of the most rewarding and fun jobs ever. But not easy at all.  There is a lot of work to be done on quality and manufacturing the goods.  It's sad to seem how much crap there is in the market today.

Second project is still the writing.  After quitting with writing in Dutch I'm writing in at a rather low pace.  But the story still goes on.  It's more fun this way, and less stressful than to *try* to please people with a rather old fashioned view on literature.

And third little project is in fact working together with I. on an Antwerp underground magazine for all non-commercial, non-hyped-up events in Antwerp.
The mean goal is to make a quick and dirty mag. that we'll distribute in certain bars we like.  It's targeted at the art loving, living, active party people.
The first print will be in march somewhere, but we'll see where it gets us.  We were fed up with all the totally touristic info brochures everywhere telling people to go to the same 2 events every week.  There is SO MUCH more going on here, we like to inform a certain type of reader on these things in the old school way; no website, myspace or anything like that .. just a cheap magazine in a bar.

Feb. 7th, 2009


Weekend sounds like...

Yesterday I've spent my whole day online.  Just checking and trying some new things out.  I've been too idle lately so I took the up the habit again of using twitter.  It's getting more and more of a tool to have conversations and exchanging info, instead of just posting the current digestive cycle of your pets or the color of your laptop-skins your ordered from Japan. 
Also became a fan of blip.fm, which in fact is the improved (and usable in Europe) version of pandora.com:  the only thing is that I've found some amazingly good music on it.  It almost immediately began delivering the goodies from the moment I was subscribed.

I don't know what's going on exactly but I sleep and sleep almost the whole time.  Can't help it.  So I write less, go out less, don't come out much and basically try to be myself again, but what that's supposed to be becomes very vague these days. 
Thinking about A1 a lot, she's popping in from time to time but that's all there is at the moment.  I'm writing small pieces for an online magazine we started up with a few people.  Let's see where it goes. It's a magazine for Beglian underground parties and artforms.  Since we all know a lot of people we thought it was a good idea to make a small magazine around that sort of info we have.  Since everything you see and hear over here is mainstream ot totally overhyped, maybe it's time to do something back for a small community of hard working people. 
In any case, it's all in start-up condition right now.  I just jumped on it just to keep myself busy, probably one of these projects that don't survive their first year but ok, let's give it a chance.
I just want my energy back.

Sep. 6th, 2008


Spore is a bore

A small Spore review:
Like some many gamers I was on the lookout for this release for a very long time. The prospect of finally having a real evolutionary game, where you're responsible for your creations from beginning to end was a good one.
The nice part of such games is the complexity and the game depth, along wi the fun you can have by building it all up and playing around with it.
Let me tell you (without real spoilers) that it was a big let-down. 
Except for Doom 3 I've never been so disappointed in a game before.
Spore is not really a game as such.  It's more like four really bad mini games and one 1 very very very stupid rip-off of EVE online (the real über spacegame for people who like to have EVERYTING under control about their creations).

The 4 mini games in short:
1)cell stage : This is where you try to be a 2-D pac-man like creature and eat green or red dots of the map depending on you being a carnivore or herbivore (how original).  Every time you eat, you grow some extra tentacles or whatever weapon you need.
This is supposed to be fun for little kids or people who like to play whack-a-mole.  
Real gamers will most likely skip this very small mini game altogether (It bored me after 2 min, although the graphics were interesting... unlike the rest of the game).
2- Creature phase. - Is exactly the same as the cell phase, except in 3D instead of 2D.  You eat creatures and grow extra limbs and you can paint them whatever you like. Totally boring as well, and on top you need ZERO skill to do so. You just click on food and then your creature eats it and grows.  Sometimes you click on another creature of your species to mate.  That's about it.
3- Tribal phase - This is where it was supposed to get interesting;  Your creatures erect some living space and form a tribe.
This is in fact a very low-end re-invention of Command and Conquer.  Only with 1 sort of unit and 2 weapons.
So you create some creatures, give them axes and destroy all other tribes.  Done.  (Buy any C&C game or Supreme commander, it will be worth the money, unlike Bore ... eh Spore)
4- The City phase  - EXACTLY like the Tribal phase (how they even dare to say this is another game-inside-the-game is beyond me, people should all be asking their money back).  
The only notable difference is a wall around your tribe and some extra features like turrets. You can build some factories and such, but it all stays the same, there are not options to make the game go in-depth.  There is no real evolution or customization of what you're doing,... except for the colors of your walls and all that crap you can't change a thing.
You can have now 2 sorts of units! whooho... So what you do?  You build planes (instead of axe people) and attack all other cities.  - Done (24 mins.)
So after this one-hour trip to boredom you enter the REAL GAME  (ehem) Space phase or Galactic phase.
This is the biggest let down of them all!!!
You have a few types of planets... all having a certain color of spice.  (Green, yellow, red;...)
And you TRADE these colors. So you take red spice from a planet who has red spice and sell it to a planet with only blue spice. etc...
This is just like in EVE online, except in EVE there are tens of thousands of items to trade, from sheep to wood, from deuterium to trashcans. There are companies, pirates, alliances... and a lot of different sorts of ships. 
In Spore, you have none of that except for bloody colored spices!
That's it... nothing more to trade or to do than traveling from one stupid planet to the next with crappy controls and buggy software (try to save, or try to visit a planet while there are 2 messages incoming and you crash!).
So you end up traveling with a spaceship to all these other planets.  And all of a sudden you're attacked by enemies FAR more advanced that you. (For the people who ever played Ultima Online: It's like an endless fishing job only with spices instead of fish :)   Next thing you know you've spent 3 hours traveling searching for colors on planets or beaming animals away to 'terraform' a planet. That's another annoying thing, teraforming a planet is so bloody difficult (try to upgrade a T0 to T3... try it).
Spore, in my opinion, is a very low-grade, unworthy game with very very very bad game design, boring game play and totally no direction.  Some parts are too easy for words, others are impossible to passe by.
It has no real beginning or end, it lacks any form of fun and it's in fact just a bad EVE online with unstable software engine and unreliable economics models.  (For example you can sell an expensive sort of spice to a planet that you BUY interly after they've paid you. What the hell?)
Spore is a big waste of money and time!  Beware!
Graphics:   5/10
Gameplay:   1/10
Fun factor: 0/10

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Jul. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

Dammit, I so wanted to be someone else :)

Jun. 20th, 2008


My score on ipersonic

My personality type: the independent thinker

May. 30th, 2008


I hope...

I hope they'll leave these people alone.  And that meanse also not staring them by flying over their territory with helicopters and planes.


Imagine, they have no taxes, no sitting in cubicles, no stinking grocery shopping... and the best of all they're not even city-hippies turned treehuggers... they're REAL.  They've survived in the jungle for thousands of years.  While we concern ourselves with traffic james and Death-metal albums :) 
I love this.... please leave them alone
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